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CRCE Briefing Paper

State Corporatism in Russia

by Silvana Malle

The Constitution of the CRCE requires that its Trustees and Advisers dissociate themselves from the analysis contained in its publications, but it is hoped that readers will find this study of value and interest.


The CRCE is grateful to Annie Beadle and Kathryn Larin for their help in editing this paper. 

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Silvana Malle, Emeritus Professor of the University of Verona, is the Director of the Centre for International Studies and Emeritus Professor at the Department of Economic Science, University of Verona. She is also senior honorary research fellow of the University of Birmingham in the Department of Political Science and International Studies, School of Government and Society within the College of Social Sciences. From 1994 to 2005, she was the Head of the Non-Member Economies Division at the OECD Economics Department, where she directed and supervised economic analysis and surveys of Central and Eastern European countries, Russian Federation, Brazil, Chile, and China. After initially focusing on transition economies, she later increasingly developed research and cross-country analysis on emerging market economies in Asia and South America while continuing drafting reports for the Secretariat and contributing to the forecasting rounds for the preparation of the OECD Economic Outlook.

She is a founder member and first President of the Italian Association for the Study of Comparative Systems. She has been appointed International expert for the AFP (Academic Fellowship Programme) of the Open Society in Economics for Ukraine (2006.2008) and has been adviser on European Union’s PHARE projects and coordinator of two main projects, one concerning the Russian Federation and the second Uzbekistan, financed by INTAS.

She is the author of several books and many articles. Her most recent publications include:

“Soviet legacies in post-Soviet Russia: insights from crisis management”, Post-Communist Economies, 2009, Volume 21 Issue 3; “The Policy Challenges of Russia’s Post-Crisis Economy”, Post-Soviet Affairs, 2012, 28, 1, pp. 66–110; “Economic modernization and diversification in Russia. Constraints and challenges”, Journal of Eurasian Studies (2012), vol. xx, pp. 1-22.

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