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Ljubo Sirc CBE - Honest, Loyal, Rebellious

The Editor would like to thank Bridget Cooper, Susan Sirc and Magda Waszak for their valuable assistance. Any errors are the fault of the Editor.

The Constitution of the CRCE requires that its Trustees and Advisers dissociate themselves from the analysis contained in its publications, but it is hoped that readers will find this study of value and interest.


First published in July 2016

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About the Author

Dr Jože Dežman, who has a BA in history and philosophy, is a member of the Board of the Gorenjski Museum in Kranj.   His fields of study are history, anthropology, and museology. He is researching the WWII, revolutionary terror, the civil war in Slovenia 1941-1945, consequences of a radical division of Slovenian society in Titoism, the processes of transitional justice, self-management, and the pilgrimage culture.  He has edited several anthologies, prepared more than ten exhibitions, published several books and numerous articles. He was director of the Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia 2005-2010 and director of the country’s official Archive 2012-2013. Since 2005 he has led the Slovene Government’s Commission for Concealed Mass Graves.

A Introduction to the Ljubo Sirc Lecture by Keith Miles OBE, House of Lords, 2. March 2016.

My Lords Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Excellencies,friends and colleagues, it gives me great pleasure to chair the Sirc lecture.

We shall hear much about Ljubo Sirc's life from Dr Dezman, whom we are delighted to welcome to London. He is a distinguished historian from Slovenia.

Last week I saw Ljubo, who is 96 this year, and he sends his warm greetings to everyone. In particular we welcome Mrs Sue Sirc to the lecture, and others who have made the trip from abroad. May I also take this opportunity to thank Lord Black of Brentwood for sponsoring this room for us. Lord Black as many will know has a fine reputation of support for freedom and democracy. Ljubo Sirc received the OBE for his services to democracy, so it is therefore very appropriate that this lecture is taking place here in the Mother of Parliaments.


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